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We are now offering a 25% discount for bulk packaged orders of 5 or more 2-layer masks. Many customers find the two cloth layers filter just fine, without the pocket filter, and we agree. Use Discount code: bulk2layer during checkout!


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    Unemployment Discount Program

    A man looks at you with thankfulness and joy in his eyes.

    If you have become unemployed, you’re not alone. We empathize.

    We would like to help you.

    Are you receiving unemployment (or have you received it within the last four months)?

    For a limited time, we will grant you a 50% discount for up to seven masks. You will get premium quality masks at half the price.

    This offer is limited to 50 customers a week on a first-come basis.

    Check the status of the offer on our Home Page to see if the week’s offer is still open or closed for the week. If it says OPEN, there’s still time to place your order this week!

    Here’s how to apply for the discount:

    1. Click on the LOGIN icon in the top menu
    2. Click on the “Sign up” link below the Login button
    3. Provide your information*
    4. Verify you’re a real person with the Captcha
    5. Click on the “Account” Icon in the top menu
    6. Click on “View Addresses (0)”
    7. Click on “Add a New Address”
    8. Provide your information*
    9. Use your smartphone to send us a photo of your unemployment check* (to verify your name and address) showing a check date within the last four months and send it to 626-321-0021 by text (SMS). (SMS rates may apply.)
    10. Click on Contact Us and send us your request for the discount code. We will reply by email with your own personal discount code to use at checkout.

    *Don’t’ worry, we don’t share this information with ANYONE! It’s kept private.

    We will reply by email with your own personal discount code to use at checkout.