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We are now offering a 25% discount for bulk packaged orders of 5 or more 2-layer masks. Many customers find the two cloth layers filter just fine, without the pocket filter, and we agree. Use Discount code: bulk2layer during checkout!


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    My BFF Masks Unemployment Discount Promotion


    If you have become unemployed, we empathize.

    Are you receiving unemployment (or have you received it within the last four months)? 

    For a limited time, we will grant you a 50% discount for up to seven masks. You will get premium quality masks at half the price.

    This is limited to 50 customers a week on a first-come basis, so order now while the discount is still open.

    Here's how to get your discount:

    Click Here to apply for your discount.

    Then use your smartphone to send us a photo  of your unemployment check (to verify your name and address) showing a check date within the last four months and send it to 626-321-0021 by text (SMS). (SMS rates may apply.)

    We will reply with your discount code to use at checkout.