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    'Love Hormone' Could Hold Key to Treating COVID

    FRIDAY, Oct. 9, 2020 (HealthDay News) -- " love hormone, ...may be worth investigating as a treatment for COVID-19, a new study suggests. ...(factors) indicate that (it) may have potential as a targeted treatment for cytokine storms in COVID-19 patients, the researchers said in a news release from the American Physiological Society."

    "Understanding the mechanisms by which (the love hormone) system can be a new immune target is crucial."

    Although this hormone therapy can be administered as a drug (with potential side effects), there are better ways to get this important benefit, which we highly encourage. A search on these keywords :'how to increase the love hormone production naturally' can yield a goldmine of encouragement and hope. Here is an article from a woman's perspective that sums up many of the ways to recover the joy of life with others:

    10 Ways To Increase the (love hormone) In Your Body (Naturally)

    The coronavirus is airborne -- what that means for you

    "Evidence is that transmission is mainly through (the air), with contamination of surfaces playing a limited role in transmission,"