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    With the threat of severe complications due to our pre-existing conditions, we got scared.

    A boy coming out of the woods wearing a mask.

    Who are we, and why are we here?

    Life’s a journey of discovery of answers to those questions… Like living in a dark world, we are grateful when someone mercifully gives us a light when we cry out for help. It keeps us from bumping into things along our way to doing our good things (for ourselves and others).

    Early March 2020 We heard about California possibly having some COVID-19 cases.

    March 24: Boonlai started making masks for a garment factory.

    March 26: Excited to learn that the masks were being sold to healthcare workers in a hospital, we then were disappointed when we discovered we could see daylight through them. We just couldn’t make those masks anymore, and sleep peacefully at night.

    March 27: After finding that the masks on the market all seemed to be hastily designed and lacked the ability to protect us from Covid-19 infection, we found ourselves with a dilemma. With the threat of severe complications due to our pre-existing conditions, we got scared.

    March 28: It became clear that we should use our scientific research and development skills and years of garment factory experience to make masks we could trust to protect us.

    April 3, 2020: After many days of R&D on viruses and how to make the kind of masks we needed, we started purchasing materials.

    April 10-12, 2020: We made some prototypes and tested them. They passed all the tests very well.

    April 13, 2020: With materials in hand to make plenty of masks for ourselves and our friends, we started production. Since the whole community needed this protection for themselves, we put out signs on the street to let people in our Arcadia, CA neighborhood know that we had masks for sale.

    We were excited that our research showed that for the price of a typical hour’s wage, any person could reduce their chance of having or causing through spread severe complications to near zero if they wear our masks and are exposed to the virus.

    We believe it’s crazy that the world is not being told how important a good quality mask is. There is no push from science or politics to teach people to use only masks that have a high level of protection. Why?

    We have been blessed with over 90% of our customers not only liking our masks, but coming back for more (that's when they told us how much they liked our masks over others), and buying masks for their whole companies and for family members living in other states. It humbles and fills us with joy to know that people like wearing our masks so much, while being part of the community that brings the infection rate down and saving lives.

    The Nerd Mask name was born when customers said we should emphasize how important they found it that the masks were designed by a scientist, and how educational we are when selling them.

    The My BFF Masks name was born when our catch phrase "Fresh air is your BFF" was identified, and how our masks do become, in an unspoken way, our BFFS.

    When the wildfires started raging, we began to teach people that since the particles of smoke are the same size as the Coronavirus  and other viruses, our masks work very well to protect everyone from lung damage from the health hazards from smoke inhalation. When we ran tests to verify this, everyone reported that they could not smell anything but a faint odor of smoke, even when they were exposed to heavy clouds of intense smoke all around their face.

    Our personal fear of Covid virus infection is near zero now because we wear our masks.

    We search out ways to help as many people with this protection as we possibly can, not just to reduce anxiety and fear, but to increase confidence that if they are exposed to a person who is shedding a virus, they will not inhale a viral load that will overwhelm their immune system. They can be confident that their immune system will be able to respond and build up an immune response to the virus. Such an important thing for our community to achieve herd immunity.

    We encourage you as well to help us get the word out.